Drug design and clinical trials

Drug design is a rational drug design process to find or to search new medicament based on the biological targets. The drug which is a small molecule which affects the biomolecules by activating or inhibiting the function, give beneficial effect to the individuals. The design of the drug require that it should be complementary to the target in shape and charge so that they can interact and bind with the receptor. It can be computerised as a whole or else aided by drug design. Thus the three dimensional structure of the target fitted with the three dimensional structure of the drug said to be drug design. Thus it can be useful in the search or finding of the drug based on the computational methods, which can be selected by improved affinity, stability and selectivity. This is followed by clinical trials. After the formation of drug , it is need to be go through various tests followed by various development and approval. This shows that it is very much effective in the treating cancer.  And it should be safe to the individual to be taken.