New Ideas in cancer treatment

mp-MRI (Multiparametric-magnetic resonance imaging) – uncovering of the tangled blood vessels is done in new prostate cancer, which is very much helpful for doctors for the treatment.

FLI (Fluorescence lifetime imaging) – Help in the detection of cancer for breast cancer. From a single scan, physician got to know about the proteins which enhance the growth of the cancer, thus helpful in the treatment and medication against cancer.

Cryoablation (freezing) -  By freezing the cancer cells or tumours. This will be helpful for treating against cancer. This is very much helpful as it is not required to remove all part of the lung or organ.

With the help of the focal laser ablation along with MRI, the high intensity of light from laser targets the cancerous cells. As if the scanned image showed the imaging of the cancer, it can be detected and destroyed easily.

Treatment in which drugs are totally excluded- Various kinds of therapies like yoga, medication, hypnosis, massage can be useful after any sort of chemical treatments like chemotherapy or may be sort of chemical radiation.

Even acupuncture is useful – uses needles which placed under the skin, and useful in the relives form depression, fatigue, night sweats, pain, night sweats, change in the life styles, hot flashes.

Taking good healthy diet, by avoiding fat foods, limitation in drinks are useful too. Even some sort of working outs are useful.