Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

The abnormal and uncontrollable growth of cells formed by the body due to some disruption in the  normal mechanism of the cell affecting the general mechanism by halting and even though affect whole body parts rather than a particular site. Here the dead cells doesn’t removed as by the general mechanism – death of the cell and arise of new cell takes place, rather they compile together to form mass of the cells (lump) which can be called as tumorThe abnormal and uncontrollable growth of cells formed by the body due to some disruption in the  normal mechanism of the cell affecting the general mechanism by halting and even though affect whole body parts rather than a particular site. Here the dead cells doesn’t removed as by the general mechanism – death of the cell and arise of new cell takes place, rather they compile together to form mass of the cells (lump) which can be called as tumor

  • Track 1-1Clinical Chemistry
  • Track 1-2Diet and side effects during treatment
  • Track 1-3Benign and malignant
  • Track 1-4Oncologist
  • Track 1-5Medical oncology
  • Track 1-6Surgical oncology
  • Track 1-7Radiation oncology
  • Track 1-8Gynecologic oncology
  • Track 1-9Pediatric oncology
  • Track 1-10Hematologist oncology
  • Track 1-11Uro oncology

There is no specific thing, as anything can cause the normal function of cell to perform in opposite or in different way, thus can cause cancer. Certain things such as abnormalities of cells can cause the development of the cancerous cells.  Some of the cause of the cancer cannot me known and for others it can form by different factors. One of the main cause of cancer is due to chemical or environmental which causes mutation in the genetic materials can trigger the formation of cancer cells. Sometimes the cancer can be caused due to the more than one cause. So many people they got cancer due to all these factors. So it is very much difficult to recognise for a person for a specific reason or cause behind the specific cancer. Some of the materials which are carcinogenic might affect the system to produce cancerous cells. The causes of the cancer are listed.


  • Track 2-1Hormonal dis-balance
  • Track 2-2Chemicals
  • Track 2-3 Infections exposure to radiation
  • Track 2-4 Poor diet and exercise
  • Track 2-5Physically affected agents
  • Track 2-6Hereditary

A pathogenic agent, which spread from one site to another site inside the host body. And the newly pathologic sites are said to be metastases. Cancer is generated if any sort of alteration is there genetically which results in the proliferation uncontrollably by mitosis thus primary heterogeneic tumor is produced. The cells which has tumors it undergoes various metabolic changes metaplasia, then dysplasia then anaplasia, which is a malignant phenotype. This undergoes into blood circulation which is followed by the tumorigenesis to the secondary site. Some of the cancerous cells used to penetrate through the vessels to the different sites like organs or tissues within the body called as hematogenous spread. Thus when the cells of tumors come to the resting state, this penetrate to other site and thus continues its spreading process by multiplying and thus form new tumors too, thus tumor said to be metastatic tumor or secondary tumor.


  • Track 3-1Signs and Symptoms
  • Track 3-2Paths involved
  • Track 3-3Diagnosis of metastasis

The main cancer categories organs, the cancerous cell begin from skin to the tissue followed by the internal organs and followed by affecting the bone, muscles, cartilages and other tissues. And later the blood stream and bone marrow as leukemia, followed by the affecting the immune system and the main part, nervous system affected by cancer at spinal cord and brain.

Cancer, it can occur any where in the body, it is not specific to the particular place. As for female, breast cancer is being observed and whereas in male prostate cancer. And other than this, the most common cancer affects both are colorectal and cancer in lung.


  • Track 4-1Skin cancer
  • Track 4-2Lung cancer
  • Track 4-3Breast cancer
  • Track 4-4Bone cancer
  • Track 4-5Gall bladder cancer
  • Track 4-6Kidney Cancer
  • Track 4-7Throat cancer
  • Track 4-8Liver cancer
  • Track 4-9Pancreatic cancer
  • Track 4-10Stomach cancer
  • Track 4-11Ovarian cancer
  • Track 4-12Prostate cancer
  • Track 4-13Anal cancer

It is known a leukaemia, a pile of cancer which generally starts from the bone marrow and thus forms more number of immature white blood cells called as leukemia cells. Generally the stem cells which present in the bone marrow, it undergoes maturation and develop into RBC (Red Blood Cells), WBC (White Blood Cells) and platelets. Most commonly, the process of formation of blood is interrupted by the out of control abnormal blood cells. This kind of abnormal blood cells its prevents normal function of the cell like its loss the capability to fight against the infection.


  • Track 5-1Leukaemia
  • Track 5-2Lymphoma
  • Track 5-3Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Track 5-4Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Track 5-5Myeloma
  • Track 5-6Multiple myeloma

To check for the cancer in the people who do not have any kind of symptoms. This is very much helpful for the doctors, which helps them in search for the persons who are being affected by cancer and can be treated on early basis before they shows any symptoms of cancer. If the symptoms appear late, it might be hard to treat as cancer could spread from origin cells to any part of the body as treatment would be difficult. So it is very much helpful in the treatment in early diagnosis.

From the results of the screening test, the early detection was helpful as it helps in the reduction of the dying chance of the person from cancer. But it has both harmful and beneficial affects, can cause health problems. Sometimes, it can give false results too, like false positive by which it shows or detect the cancerous cell although even in the absence of the cancerous cells, which can cause harms may be not physically but may be mentally, and may leads to the more numbers of tests and may cause further harm to the individuals.

And sometimes, it can show even false negative results too, even in the presence of the cancerous cells, which may leads to the delay in the diagnosis and thus causes delayed in the treatment of the individuals after the development of the symptoms. Even sometimes over treatment take place, due to the over diagnosis, shows the individuals with cancer which spread gradually, but it doesn’t harm throughout its lifetime.

This is very much useful for the prevention and the early detection of the colorectal cancer, breast cancer and breast cancer.


  • Track 6-1Human papillomavirus (HPV) testing
  • Track 6-2Pap test
  • Track 6-3Colonoscopy
  • Track 6-4Sigmoidoscopy
  • Track 6-5Fecal occult blood test (FOB)
  • Track 6-6Stool DNA tests
  • Track 6-7General health screening examination
  • Track 6-8spiral computed tomography (CT) scan
  • Track 6-9Digital rectal examination (DRE)
  • Track 6-10Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test
  • Track 6-11Complete skin examination
  • Track 6-12Skin self-examination
  • Track 6-13Dermoscopy

Biopsy is done by checking under microscope for diagnosing the cancer. Various image techniques are used in the detection of cancer such as CT scan, Ultra sound, MRI, X –Rays, PET. Other than  biopsy, examining the cells under microscope; there are different kind of diagnosing techniques used like by the analysis of the DNA, molecular level, biochemical level of sugars, fats an protein of the body.

After the completion of the diagnosis, the determination of the stage of the cancer done by the physician and its spread extension, which helps physician for treatment and thus medication can be determined.


  • Track 7-1Needle biopsy
  • Track 7-2CT-guided biopsy
  • Track 7-3Ultrasound-guided biopsy
  • Track 7-4Bone biopsy
  • Track 7-5Bone marrow biopsy
  • Track 7-6Liver biopsy
  • Track 7-7Kidney biopsy
  • Track 7-8Aspiration biopsy

The collection of all the techniques which is useful in the analysis of the biological markers based in genome and proteomes, which is the genetic code of the individuals , thus expression of the gene of the cells was done in the form of protein, which is determined by the study at molecular level via medical testing. These tests is use to determine or diagnose the disease, the risk factors and thus the effective therapy on that particular condition. From the analysis, this offer a specific medicine for specific patient.  These are useful in the specialization of any sort of the infectious disease, human leucocyte antigen typing, oncology, pharmacogenomics, coagulation, clinical chemistry.


  • Track 8-1Infectious disease
  • Track 8-2Human leucocyte antigen typing
  • Track 8-3Oncology
  • Track 8-4Pharmacogenomics
  • Track 8-5Coagulation
  • Track 8-6Clinical Chemistry

There are various techniques used in the treating the cancer such as various surgeries were used to done for the treating or removing the cancer cells. Various therapies has been followed by the implementation of the new drug by clinical trials results , or by passing the cell under some radiations or radioactive waves or by taking some sort of medicine or dealing with the alteration in the genetic material or by some sort of particular organ transplant.

Various cancer therapies used to treat cancer


  • Track 9-1Chemotherapy & Electrochemotherapy
  • Track 9-2External Beam Radiation
  • Track 9-3Internal Radiation
  • Track 9-4Open Surgery
  • Track 9-5Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Track 9-6Stem Cell Transplant
  • Track 9-7Precision Medicine
  • Track 9-8Targeted Therapies
  • Track 9-9Hormone Therapy
  • Track 9-10Gene Therapy
  • Track 9-11Immunotherapy
  • Track 9-12Adoptive Cell Transfer (ACT)

With a molecular form it acts as a biological marker or an indicator of any biological functions, responses to certain drugs of certain intervention of the therapeutic drugs and indicates some pathological paths. And in cancer, it indicates presence of cancer inside the body as it a molecule which is being secreted by the tumour or cancerous cell as a response, which determines the location of the cancerous cell in the body. Certain kinds of the biomarkers which were being used in the diagnosis of cancer as it can be assay by the collection of the fluids like blood, used as for prediction and well as for treating cancer. So many pharmaceutical companies were producing different sort of biomarkers. So it plays a vital role in the treatment in cancer.


  • Track 10-1Genetic Biomarker
  • Track 10-2Proteomic Biomarker
  • Track 10-3Epigenetic Biomarkers
  • Track 10-4Glycomic Biomarkers
  • Track 10-5Imaging Biomarkers
  • Track 10-6Gene based Biomarkers
  • Track 10-7Protein based Biomarkers
  • Track 10-8Nucleic acid based Biomarkers
  • Track 10-9Lipid Biomarkers
  • Track 10-10Small molecule Biomarkers

It  is the sub field of the genomics which is characterise with the genes associated with cancer along with the main focus on the epigenetics, alterations in transcripts, genomics in cancer.  Even cancer can cause genetically due to random compilation of the mutated genetic materials and alteration of genetic material epigenetically which results in the formation of the neoplasm along with the proliferation of the unrestrained cells.

The main focus of this, is in the identification of the alternate oncogene or any tumor suppresser gene which will be helpful in the cancer diagnosis, in therapies and as well as predicting the clinical results thus may lead to increase in the treatment. There are various therapies in cancer which gave hope in the production new product in treating cancer like Avastin, Gleevec and Herceptin.


  • Track 11-1Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Track 11-2Gene Sequencing
  • Track 11-3Operomics
  • Track 11-4Transcriptomes

The drug is helpful in treating the cancer or disease.  It has been classified into several classes which includes natural products, alkylating agents, hormones, antimetabolites. Even there are various drugs are present who does not fall in the mentioned classes but shows but have property to work against the cancer or malignant disease. Vaccine is given to the normal healthy people for the prevention from certain bacteria or viruses which spread certain diseases. These vaccine protects from the particular bacteria causing disease, as an individual need to get vaccine before gets infected by the same virus or bacteria. As it boost up the immune system, so that it can be recognize by the immune system easily due to presence of the specific antigens and thus can be killed or destroyed.


  • Track 12-1Nitrogen Mustard
  • Track 12-25-fluorouracil
  • Track 12-3HPV vaccine
  • Track 12-4Hepatitis B vaccine

Drug design is a rational drug design process to find or to search new medicament based on the biological targets. The drug which is a small molecule which affects the biomolecules by activating or inhibiting the function, give beneficial effect to the individuals. The design of the drug require that it should be complementary to the target in shape and charge so that they can interact and bind with the receptor. It can be computerised as a whole or else aided by drug design. Thus the three dimensional structure of the target fitted with the three dimensional structure of the drug said to be drug design. Thus it can be useful in the search or finding of the drug based on the computational methods, which can be selected by improved affinity, stability and selectivity. This is followed by clinical trials. After the formation of drug , it is need to be go through various tests followed by various development and approval. This shows that it is very much effective in the treating cancer.  And it should be safe to the individual to be taken. 


  • Track 13-1Discovery of new drug in different ways with procedure
  • Track 13-2Chemical structure of drug
  • Track 13-3Animal and human testing
  • Track 13-4Review and approval by FDA

Having a good, nutritious food with proper diet is very much required and important for the people diagnosed with cancer. After having proper balanced diet, one can stay stronger for longer. At the time of treatment for cancer like chemotherapy, it is important to maintain the weight of the body , with good strength and energy which is very much useful as it decreases  the risk of infection and enhance the body in healing process from the treatment of cancer. It has been observed that cancer patients with good health have better diagnosis.  And for better maintenance of the body with proper balanced diet can be taken about the proper registered dietitian as it can help throughout the treatment process and along with the side effects as referred by the physician. 


  • Track 14-1Nutrition guidelines during cancer treatments
  • Track 14-2Diet and side effects during treatment

A case report is the detailed report of signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments of the particular patients of certain medical history with unique therapeutic approaches. Here in this conferences various case reports on cancer are discussed. As approximately 7.6 million of new cases of malignancy documented every year , half of them are from developing countries. Case reports need to be up to date from all the records from the past.


  • Track 15-1Cancer case reports
  • Track 15-2Diagnosis
  • Track 15-3Therapeutic approaches

Various new equipments are used in the treatment of cancer like

Linear Accelerator ( LINAC) – emits radiation of highly localised (X-rays) and it is useful in the treatment of cancer. The 6 MeV linear accelerator, which has capability of surface electron, thus allows treating the cancer cell even under the subcutis layer which is overlying the cranium. The patient can see his activity through the connected monitor or television.

Gamma Camera – It is used in the detection of the cancer through the gamma rays. Here tracers were used, are introduced into the patient’s body intravenously, thus getting the image on the gamma camera as the tracer it emits gamma rays which is detected by the gamma camera.

CT Scanner – To produce the image of different parts of the body in detailed manner which is not possible from the X-ray analysis. Here diagnosis of diseases, detected at early stage is possible. It gives detection of higher degree of wound with better characterisation.

Radiography and Ultrasound – A non invasive way to get image of the internal organs by ultrasound. It does not harm the patient. For cancer patients, it is useful for examining the abdomen for any enlargement of the lymph or masses.


  • Track 16-1LINAC
  • Track 16-2Gamma Camera
  • Track 16-3CT Scanner
  • Track 16-4Radiography and Ultrasound

mp-MRI (Multiparametric-magnetic resonance imaging) – uncovering of the tangled blood vessels is done in new prostate cancer, which is very much helpful for doctors for the treatment.

FLI (Fluorescence lifetime imaging) – Help in the detection of cancer for breast cancer. From a single scan, physician got to know about the proteins which enhance the growth of the cancer, thus helpful in the treatment and medication against cancer.

Cryoablation (freezing) -  By freezing the cancer cells or tumours. This will be helpful for treating against cancer. This is very much helpful as it is not required to remove all part of the lung or organ.

With the help of the focal laser ablation along with MRI, the high intensity of light from laser targets the cancerous cells. As if the scanned image showed the imaging of the cancer, it can be detected and destroyed easily.

Treatment in which drugs are totally excluded- Various kinds of therapies like yoga, medication, hypnosis, massage can be useful after any sort of chemical treatments like chemotherapy or may be sort of chemical radiation.

Even acupuncture is useful – uses needles which placed under the skin, and useful in the relives form depression, fatigue, night sweats, pain, night sweats, change in the life styles, hot flashes.

Taking good healthy diet, by avoiding fat foods, limitation in drinks are useful too. Even some sort of working outs are useful.


  • Track 17-1mp-MRI (Multiparametric-magnetic resonance imaging)
  • Track 17-2FLI (Fluorescence lifetime imaging
  • Track 17-3Cryoablation
  • Track 17-4Focal laser ablation – MRI
  • Track 17-5Acupuncture