Advance Equipments in cancer

Various new equipments are used in the treatment of cancer like

Linear Accelerator ( LINAC) – emits radiation of highly localised (X-rays) and it is useful in the treatment of cancer. The 6 MeV linear accelerator, which has capability of surface electron, thus allows treating the cancer cell even under the subcutis layer which is overlying the cranium. The patient can see his activity through the connected monitor or television.

Gamma Camera – It is used in the detection of the cancer through the gamma rays. Here tracers were used, are introduced into the patient’s body intravenously, thus getting the image on the gamma camera as the tracer it emits gamma rays which is detected by the gamma camera.

CT Scanner – To produce the image of different parts of the body in detailed manner which is not possible from the X-ray analysis. Here diagnosis of diseases, detected at early stage is possible. It gives detection of higher degree of wound with better characterisation.

Radiography and Ultrasound – A non invasive way to get image of the internal organs by ultrasound. It does not harm the patient. For cancer patients, it is useful for examining the abdomen for any enlargement of the lymph or masses.