Cancer Screening

To check for the cancer in the people who do not have any kind of symptoms. This is very much helpful for the doctors, which helps them in search for the persons who are being affected by cancer and can be treated on early basis before they shows any symptoms of cancer. If the symptoms appear late, it might be hard to treat as cancer could spread from origin cells to any part of the body as treatment would be difficult. So it is very much helpful in the treatment in early diagnosis.

From the results of the screening test, the early detection was helpful as it helps in the reduction of the dying chance of the person from cancer. But it has both harmful and beneficial affects, can cause health problems. Sometimes, it can give false results too, like false positive by which it shows or detect the cancerous cell although even in the absence of the cancerous cells, which can cause harms may be not physically but may be mentally, and may leads to the more numbers of tests and may cause further harm to the individuals.

And sometimes, it can show even false negative results too, even in the presence of the cancerous cells, which may leads to the delay in the diagnosis and thus causes delayed in the treatment of the individuals after the development of the symptoms. Even sometimes over treatment take place, due to the over diagnosis, shows the individuals with cancer which spread gradually, but it doesn’t harm throughout its lifetime.

This is very much useful for the prevention and the early detection of the colorectal cancer, breast cancer and breast cancer.